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Xavi dissatisfied with the results but OK 3 points

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has revealed he is not satisfied with the overall performance, but getting three points is the most important thing.

Azulgrana narrowly beat Alaves 1-0 in La Liga on Sunday night. Causing the popular Catalan team to collect 35 points from 21 games, holding them fifth behind the Champions League zone by one point.

“These three points give us more confidence in the future ufabet. It’s not a great game. that is true We cannot be satisfied,” Xabi said.

“But we won And that’s the other 3 points we got. We have to invade better. We are not in an incredible situation. But the victory came at the right time. We need to be more calm. Move the ball better.

“Today we are in a hurry. But in the end we won. And the goals we’ve scored are the best. We celebrated in the dressing room for this victory. We are in a very difficult and complicated situation. 

“Today, this victory tells us we are on the right track.”

Sources explain that Rivera, a legend in Spain and a former Barca handball player, and Xavi have grown close in Doha during recent years. Where Guardiola has sought external input from ex-water polo player Manuel Estiarte, Xavi has looked to Rivera. Over many dinners, the two have discussed the similarities and differences between football and handball, with Xavi looking to take things Rivera does and apply them to football.