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Monthly Archives: November 2021

"Baby Goal" compares Thiago's goalscoring close to Scholes

“Baby Goal” compares Thiago’s goalscoring close to Scholes

Baby Goal , BT Sport analyst Michael Owen was impress with Thiago Alcantara’s long-range shot from Liverpool. In their 2-0 win over Porto in the Champions League group stage yesterday. Because it reminded him of the heavy-footed midfielder. That shines from another good second row,

Tottenham Hotspur Skriniar helps Conte

Tottenham Hotspur Skriniar helps Conte

Tottenham Hotspur have released a list of players they want to add to the 2022 summer market. Including Milan Skriniar, Inter Milan defender Antonio Conte. A report from the ‘ Stuttgart countered Mer Kato Web Dot Com ‘ said Chris Rainier is a strength that allows Conte grabbed a pair Dickenson fired when the