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Tottenham Hotspur Skriniar helps Conte

Tottenham Hotspur have released a list of players they want to add to the 2022 summer market. Including Milan Skriniar, Inter Milan defender Antonio Conte.

A report from the ‘ Stuttgart countered Mer Kato Web Dot Com ‘ said Chris Rainier is a strength that allows Conte grabbed a pair Dickenson fired when the season 2020-21. But because of the current contract in place , Giuseppe. Piazza’s there to do otherwise . a . 2023 without signing a manner so as to increase the chances of the ‘ spurs ‘.

This time the director . Sports Fabio Regina Martinez’s ‘re floundering working hard to seek proposals through the agency of a player Slovak to persuade Marie union bosses aged 52 years old again.  

That’s because Conte ‘s playing system is good at three central defenders, and now the choice is not enough, with only Eric Dier , Christian Romero , Davinson Sanchez , Joe Rodon and Jaja. Fat Tanganka only