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“Baby Goal” compares Thiago’s goalscoring close to Scholes

Baby Goal , BT Sport analyst Michael Owen was impress with Thiago Alcantara’s long-range shot from Liverpool. In their 2-0 win over Porto in the Champions League group stage yesterday. Because it reminded him of the heavy-footed midfielder. That shines from another good second row, Paul Scholes. Although that one is under Manchester United.

The Spaniard collected 30 yards from the second row, the ball shot diagonally into the shin level, precisely hitting the base of the right post, opening the scoring for the ‘ Reds ‘, and then closing the box by Mohamed Salah.  

Shoot fun like this once in a while until alumni of 2 institutions like ‘ Baby Goal ‘ have to raise the score to compare both ‘ Reds ‘ and ‘ Red Devils ‘.

“ That guy has something different from the other players, ” Owen commented.  

“ This child must aim accurately. But he did it brilliantly, looking like Paul Scholes did – Thiago was probably the only one on the pitch last night who could shoot that kind of shot. ” 

And Rio Ferdinand both criticism is that Thiago has lots of fans to show. The Kop ‘ after the first season I often get stuck coping David Bull.  

” I think we’ll see a lot of Thiago ‘s talent under Liverpool ‘s squad , each player taking a different time to adapt. ” 

“ That kind of shot we can see from a lot of real strikers. This shin level ball we call ‘ Daisy Cutter ‘ is a really beautiful ball. ” 

Match Day 5 The goal of Tiago sent the contest of the week. There are children bicycle struck the Robert Levante dot Levski striker Bayern Munich to win.